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captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is called education corruption, not education reform. >> over fuzzy math and millions of dollars and fire teachers want their jobs back. the equation and doing just that. another toyota setback. now seven is on your side with
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the more serious decision tonight. a student beaten by police. tonight, why this may be the start of problems for a troubled police force in the spotlight again. this is abc 7 news at 11:00 p.m. a serious budget shortfall disappears and more than 260 teachers say they want their jobs back. we begin with the outrage kicked up over the math at some d.c. public schools that led to a $34 million surplus. jay korff is live with the information. what is the story. >> efforts are underway as we speak through the legislative process at city hall to get those hired -- get this fire teachers reinstated. michelle rhee stated she will not reinstate those fired teachers. she blames this latest
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development on an accounting error. some education advocate. >> you have to be kidding me. >> i am furious. >> and d.c. council members. they are livid after hearing that the school system is running a $34 million surplus, when in october michelle rhee fired 266 teachers due to a $433 million budget deficit. >> the statements were outrageous. >> they claimed the administration manipulated the figures. >> it is time for you to step up to the plate and fire michelle rhee. they will ask the courts to reinstate those who were let go. >> there needs to be an investigation because we don't know what the numbers are. >> one teacher says parker has
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not done enough. >> i am sick and tired of you telling lies. >> councilman harry thomas is crafting legislation to get discharged teachers back in the classroom. >> i am greatly disturbed. we destroyed people and we said we had a problem based on a budget shortfall and then find out there is a sort's. >> keep in mind that this -- there is a surplus. this was expected to pay for teachers and salary increases in a labor contract that some say could be in jeopardy. the chancellor's office would not respond to our questions, but issued a statement that says the school system was not aware of this budget surplus until the end of february. the timing of this development is unfortunate. >> we have additional information on this story on our web site, including the debt. -- including the complete
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statement 7 is on your side with the toyota car maker. they temporarily suspended sales of its new lexus. consumer reports issued a don't buy issue on this court. they have handling problems that could cause it to roll over. -- there is a don't buy rating on this car. >> watch what happens when this lexus comes into a curve too quickly. the test driver tries to slow down by taking his foot off the gas, but this results in a long and controlled skid. it could roll over. the senior engineer did some of the testing. >> i have been at --
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>> the electronic stability control did kick in but too late. >> a pretty drastic recommendations, don't buy this vehicle. >> it has been almost 10 years since we have put a do not buy designation on any vehicle. this is a serious concern. >> this latest blow to toyota as questions consist as to whether the electronic problems are behind the deadly acceleration accidents. one week after the government accused toyota of hiding safety flaws. in arlington, rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >> toyoda says they have tried to duplicate testing to determine their next steps. they don't buy a warning is the first in nine years. the last time they made that distinction was the 2001 mitsubishi. turning now to our forecast. the rain is moving out.
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doug hill is here with the weather. >> everything is on track. the rain has moved out. we start our coverage with our storms can with clouds moving out. the trend is moving from north to south. the rain is far south down by richmond. let's check out some rainfall totals. about 15 hundredths of 1 inch fell in mclean. temperatures falling into the 40's in frederick. 43 in leesburg. 48 degrees in downtown washington. here is your wednesday morning wake up forecast. by then we will be partly sunny with some cloudiness, but a cold start. a nice improvement in temperatures throughout the day. we will share the next seven days in a few minutes. >> right now leaders from nations are on their way home. there is the end of the nuclear
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security summit. the group worked on a goal to secure nuclear weapons andy discussed sanctions against iran. john gonzales is live in the convention center with what happened inside and outside the meeting rooms. >> we are at side at this hour. things are busy. -- we are outside. the roads are slowly getting back to normal of around the convention center. inside, the president accomplish major short-term goals, including persuading china to join in on new sanctions to pressure iran to get rid of its nuclear enrichment program. while the president and leaders were busy breaking ground inside, -- >> our ultimate goal is a world without nuclear weapons. >> the area around the building was difficult to maneuver. >> it seems like it has been more lockdown since the bicycle accident yesterday.
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>> motorcades and a lot of traffic is what commuters had to put up with. >> i could not even go to the grocery store yesterday. >> most agree this was a productive event, but some residents hope next time there is more heads up. >> i felt like i did not know it was coming until last week. >> what was accomplished? ukraine, can that and mexico agreed to get rid of their highly enriched uranium. -- canada and mexico agreed to get rid of uranium. >> [unintelligible] >> you need to do something about plutonium. >> president obama says the new nuclear fear after the cold war era was replaced by a new threat, terrorism. >> the risk of a nuclear confrontation between nations has gone down, but the risk of nuclear attack has gone up.
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>> secretary of state hillary clinton and the russian prime minister signed an agreement to dispel enough plutonium to build 17,000 nuclear weapons. as for the traffic, d.c. residents will not have to put up with it and -- will now have to put up with a next time, it will be in south korea. >> we are learning more about the local woman struck and killed by a military vehicle. she is constance holden. she was a journalist and was also an artist. the investigation into her death is ongoing. president obama's schedule is moving forward as he works to find a replacement for john paul stevens. he will meet with democratic and republican senators next wednesday to get feedback. the white house says mr. obama has about 10 candidates on his
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short list. a controversial -- controversy as one chairman facing a $300 a day fine. the citation was issued because [inaudible] but he failed to file a permit application. his spokeswoman says the attorney is working on filing necessary paperwork. he is running for mayor against adrian fenty. also new, money is on the mind of bob ehrlich. the republican is criticizing martin o'malley and democrats for not scaling back state funding and planning future deficits after the november elections. committed democrat and republican lawmakers are working together. coming up, sarah palin likes her first-class flights and bendable
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straws, but there is a reason why that was supposed to remain a secret. a russian boys sent back home. the big decision in our region will influence the case. new problems for a troubled police department after a student is beaten. the reason
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♪ my country ♪ 'tis of thee ♪ sweet land ♪ of liberty ♪ of thee i sing [ laughs ] ♪ oh, land ♪ where my fathers died ♪ land of the pilgrims' pride ♪ from every mountainside
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♪ let freedom ring ♪ >> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00 with leon harris, chief meteorologist doug hill and tim brant sports. this is abc 7 news at 11:00 p.m. >> we are following every development in the story you first saw here. the beating of a university of maryland student by police officers. now the students family is talking with us. they could once again be facing an unflattering spotlight. we have more about what may come next. >> prince george's county police have found themselves in the national spotlight again for excessive force. it is not the type of image any
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police department once when their mission is to serve and protect. you saw this video first on seven. jack mckenna being beaten unconscious by police after a basketball victory. the police chief has condemned his officers' actions. >> we are a professional police department and will not tolerate inappropriate behavior. >> but washington d.c. attorney says it is unlikely officer suspensions or firings will suffice. >> you have a well-documented video tip. >> allegations that the officers involved should face criminal charges. >> in my opinion, this is an attempted murder or at a minimum, assaults, both of which are felonies. >> what happened in march is not the first violent police encounter. last year a swat team stormed
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this man's home, killing his dogs. in 2004 to to thousand nine department of justice maintains federal oversight of the department. >> especially when you have something this well-documented, that is a significant catalyst to kick the police department into getting them off the radar. >> the man's family is well- acquainted with the law. his grandfather is a retired judge and is pushing for charges. far from the end of this story. >> a huge water main break tried up -- tied up traffic for the evening rush-hour in baltimore. the work crew shut off the water to keep it from going into the tunnels. it is not expected to be fixed until tomorrow. the loudoun county
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prosecutor will bring charges against a woman who returned her adopted son to russia barrett -- russia. last week that boy was put on a plane with a note saying he had psychological problems. russia has temporarily suspended the license at the washington state agency that facilitated that adoption. the california attorney general is investigating whether a foundation violated public disclosure laws involving a speech by sarah palin. the foundation is accused of trying to tread parts of the sarah palin's contract which students found in a dumpster. she reportedly asked for bendable straw is in her water bottles and three luxury hotel rooms. she was scheduled to speak at a june 25 bela for the 25th anniversary. -- june 25 gala.
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if you don't like the weather, just wait for a few hours. >> they met -- the rain moved out on time and the sun should be back tomorrow. the rain has done some good. it washed the pollen out of the air and washed my car. take a look at a few weatherbug stops here. let's start in northwest washington. 46 degrees and 17 hundredths of an inch of rain. in fairfax, about the same. 48 degrees in landover now. it is just enough to whet the ground and give the moisture to the bushes and trees. most importantly, clear the pollen out of the air temporarily. we will also check the numbers officially. highs and lows were 58 and 48, a rear gate where temperatures were below average. the official -- a rare day where temperatures were below
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average. art hollen count was taken before the rain arrived. -- our pollen count was taken before the rain arrived. i think enough widespread light rain to at least dot -- it will get the stamp in the pollen count for tomorrow. -- it will dampen the pollen count. 34 in hagerstown. mild air to the south. look at late night temperatures in charleston in the lower 60's. that warmer air is headed back here. late night temperatures are very mild throughout the central portion of the country. you have this dividing line and this stationary front is providing the guidance for the elements of rain. we will have a weather system friday night that will bring more rain.
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there is a warming trend and a cooling trend. high pressure in control with a light northerly wind. a lot of sunshine. thursday, lo 70's with sunshine. on friday, another one in the 60's. most of friday should be nice in the low 70's, but showers at night. a new batch of cool air will move back in. that is why we do the 7 day forecast. partly sunny with a cold start for wednesday. mid 60's and heading for the numbers will go up and then back down again. showers late friday evening and clear over the weekend. seasonal by monday and tuesday. >> coming up, a vitamin a day keeps the doctor away. that is when we come back. the risk-takers. the visionaries.
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known flops are getting a second chance to be remade. more proof that you are only as old as you feel. macy day is a dalmatian. she is 17-years old. that is more than 100 years old in dog years. this dog loves pizza and long walks. the secret to her longevity is one capsule of zero mega fish oil. >> that is a good story. helping him a little bit. ben goes to the commissioner and a hall of famer grips on him. i have the latest of tiger woods. the montreal canadiens are taking the first step in the playoffs. coming up n
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> the camps start their playoff run thursday night against the montreal canadiens. -- the caps start their playoff run. the capitals were the most dominant team in all of hockey.
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they won the president's trophy and had the best home record, but if they needed something to fire them up, they got it today when the other team said their goal is better than the caps. >> they can say what they want. i will take his record the last 23 games over those two guys. >> i try not to read into it too much. they have two of the best goalies in the league. >> the caps are practicing tomorrow morning. the orioles got eight solid performance out of their rookie pitcher. the orioles are now 1-7, which is there were start since 1980 a when they opened the season with 21 straight losses. this game went into extra innings. this is carlos pena, right field home run. the birds continue to falter. the rays beat the orioles 5-6.
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let's go to toronto. the blue jays and the white sox. chicago has it and see you. he still wins the game. the final was 4-2. in the last 48 hours the d a design -- declined to pursue a charge against ben roethlisberger. the attorney claims his client was sexually assaulted by the quarterback one year ago. today he had an appointment with the commissioner to talk about the image of the league. after the meeting, he said he would take a few days before making his decision. terry bradshaw spoke about ben roethlisberger. >> he doesn't like me and i am learning not to like him. he wants to break my records and
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i don't care. my job is over. but he has got to, in my opinion, he has got to realize who he is. >> terry bradshaw. tiger woods is setting his entry form to the u.s. open. entertainment tonight is reporting that the marriage of tiger woods and his wife is over. elin was on a plane to arizona and they are close to working out the final details on their divorce. that is reported by " entertainment tonight." that is reported by " entertainment tonight."
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>> we have some shine shine coming our way. -- have we have some sunshine coming our way.
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good night. we will see yo ♪ ♪
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